Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Beautiful Game Part II

Hooray - we finally have a home phone and internet connection (we didn't think it would take so long either - they do love their red tape, these Brits!)... so we can update you on what we've been up to... Kent's decided he's dead keen on following our local football team, Ipswich Town... He has this to say:

"I beheld my first Ipswich Town game on Tuesday night. A beautiful night of 6 or 7 degrees welcomed the two teams to battle out the most exciting live football game I have yet seen.
After only six minutes on the clock they had already racked up four minutes overtime after the dynamic, ethnically-advantaged Danny Haynes bowled the AR into the wooden fence, making a noise that could be heard above the roar of the twenty thousand and ninety five spectators. He was on the ground for three minutes, before getting up and continuing. He lasted a further twenty minutes before subbing himself off.
The fourth official got a run, but the crowd didn’t much appreciate his input after a couple of dubious offsides, and his flagging for a penalty against us late in the second half. The penalty was given, and then saved, by Neil Alexander, who is being sold to Rangers.
The referee was OK; controlling the game well in the first half, but after warning one of Plymouth's defenders for his second poor foul he let him off the next time and then finally carded him after his fourth. Some would say that one could have been his second yellow.
I was sitting next to an old guy who has been coming to “Town” games since his first game when he was on leave from the army in 1938. He has had a season pass, on the same seat, for over 20 years now.
I had a great game, as did the old guy, the ref was OK, the fourth official was a wee bit pants. The End.
Oooh you'll want to know the score... Nil Nil"

Sorry bout that - he insisted on a full account of the game... and threatened to cut off my chai latte supply if I didn't let him publish it...

Talk soon
Kent & Eryn x

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Caro said...

Yes, very detailed. Although you should understand, Kent, that the referee is not there to be understood and have his actions explained rationally. He is there to keep everyone happy, and inevitably when that doesn't happen to be sworn at. Lots. And lots. Might have worked out though that Ipswich is a team that might be a challenge to support. They are the best sort. Hope the team have "characters" too. Players that let in silly goals and forwards (oops showing my age, no such thing) mean 'front players' who consistently shoot 50 feet over the bar. On a good day. None of this buy a 80 million gazzoozle player from a small South American republic that triples the nation's income with his salary!!
Nuff football you say. Fair nuff.
Bestest. Dad, well somebody's.