Monday, 27 October 2008

The blog is back

Hiya... so we haven't posted for a while as we didn't think there was anything exciting to report - but things have been happening...
Kent's brother got married on the 11th and we missed it - am gutted. The photos are great, and it's wonderful that with digital etc we could see them a couple of days afterwards - not the same a s the real thing though. It's the second wedding we've missed... this whole OE thing is great, but missing out on days like that isn't so much.
I had to make my third call to the emergency services last weekend, after a car swerved in front of me on the motorway and hit the hard shoulder, flipping over twice in the air, then disappearing into some trees... it was pretty scary, especially picking my way through the bushes trying to find the vehicle whilst on the phone to the nice police chap, convinced I was going to find dead people - surprisingly, the two (late teens) boys were up and about, chatting like nothing had even happened. Hopefully that was just the shock and the whole thing gave them a bloody big fright... I had to give a statement to the police and agree to testify incase they go to court for dangerous driving. I'm hoping they see sense and just plead guilty so I don't have to.
As if the drama factor wasn't high enough after that little incident, we noticed a couple of bizarre transactions while checking our bank account online a couple of days later, and discovered that somehow we've been the victims of credit card fraud - to the tune of about £900. Thankfully, the bank, who have been a bit crap in the past, were really good and blocked my card, which they made me chop up (the first time I've had to do that!) and they've refunded our money, so no harm done long term -but a bit worrying. Kent has convinced himself it's because I bought perfume online - although when I emailed to let that site know they might like to check their security, they assured us it wasn't them and agreed to help the bank out in their investigations, so who knows?
We've also had the delightful incident of Kent forgetting to pick me up from work... because he also forgot he had the car and got a ride home from work himself...oops, his bad! They lock the college at night, so he had to cycle to work the next morning - and it's pretty hilly, for Suffolk.
Not too many photos this time round, although we've just bought a sexy new DSLR (that's flash like a fancy film camera, only digital), under the guise that we can get someone to use it at our wedding... but mostly for Kent to play with.
Our big trip next year is coming together nicely, we both finish work on the 19th of December and then it's off in to the big wide world for 4 1/2 months of no work...bliss!


Emma said...

We just had the same thing happen with our NZ credit card... about NZ$2500. Apparently its been happening a lot lately.

Caro said...

Exciting lives you live. Kent sounds just like Malcolm - trying to find something I would have done wrong to bring this about. We had better watch our card, though I more or less never use it. Don't check it much either, though.

Kent would be jealous of you behind the car that flipped - I came across an Owaka resident upseide down in her car just outside Owaka once and he wondered why that never happened to him. Has only happened to me twice. I couldn't get the car door opened and had to go and get help. By the time I got back there were quite a few people there.

Love, Carolyn/Mum.