Saturday, 26 April 2008

Best Boyfriend EVER!

Last Monday was Eryn’s birthday. Some of you might have heard!

On Saturday, with the great help of Angus & Janet and Dave James, DJ to the stars, we had her surprise birthday party…

Okay… Kent did write a blog about my surprise party last weekend, but he was a bit modest and really played the whole thing down… so I’ve deleted and replaced it with what really happened:
I really am soooo unobservant… so many chances for me to figure it out, and still I was completely oblivious!
Angus and Janet (Kent’s cousin and his wife) came up from London for the weekend… had a good time with them on Saturday as Kent had to ref a game of football (or so I thought)… went to Framlingham Castle (for the second time in three days… this time to pick up the football that Kent had kicked over the castle wall when he was playing sillybuggers with his cousin Thomas a couple of nights earlier – oops, his bad) and for a bit of a tiki tour of Suffolk…
Kent had said he’d be home around 6.15pm (which, in hindsight, seemed an awfully long time after he said the game started, but being the trusting lamb that I am, it didn’t occur to me that something might be up), so we mucked around till about then and headed home… with Angus covertly calling ahead to alert HQ – which again, I didn’t really pick up on… don’t think MI5 will be recruiting me anytime soon!
They even made sure I reached the door first, only to open it to a number of my friends yelling ‘Surprise!” which was, well, a surprise! I have always secretly hoped someone would throw me a surprise party, but it’s not exactly the kind of thing you say out loud, is it, otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? So, I was pretty damn pleased… especially considering Kent’s dislike of surprises, drinking and general partying… I think after I’d had a couple of vodkas, I may have mentioned to both Kent and virtually everyone else present (as well as my parents on the phone) what a lovely/wonderful/insert flattering adjective here boyfriend he is… He also made a rather spectacular cake and arranged for fireworks too… BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
A few photos are there if you click on the picture of the cake:

Take care,

Kent & Eryn x

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Anonymous said...

Well done Kento and pleased you had a great day Eryn.
Took me till Carolyn's 40th to organise a surprise party but woz one to remember.
Love the hat too.
Best Dad