Sunday, 13 April 2008

Few things happening

Bonjour, quick catch up on what is happening abouts.

Eryn's birthday on Monday 21st... please don't forget. You know what she's like.

Angus and Janet are heading up this weekend for a couple of night which will be great. We have been down to their city pad a couple of times recently so it will be nice to have them up here at our quiet rural retreat.

Eryn had a car "incident" on Monday. She is fine. She ran into the back of a stationary car at a roundabout, and wrote our Corsa off. Oops her bad.

YAY we beat Norwich today 2-1. Our local derby. Yay (clear, 42 characters. Eryn says I should mention that this is football/soccer/Beautiful Game, but this shouldn't count on my "not allowed too much about football on our blog tally") If Eryn hadn't smashed the car into the back of someone there would have been more room for football news.

Ohh, some of you may not be aware as she keeps these things fairly quiet, but its Eryns birthday next Monday.

Eryn's had her radio debut on British radio this week. Did one hour while the usual host had a MEETING. "I've got a meeting, do you want to do an hour or so?" What? Anyway she said it went well and the listeners liked her.

Booked next trip, four days with the car cruising around the north of France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Are trying to book two nights in an 11C castle and have another two in a nice wee B&B on the border of France and Belgium.

Kent and Eryn x


Caro said...

Oh, that is awful news about the car. What was a stationary car doing at a roundabout? I presume Eryn was all right herself and whoever else was around.

I hope you will be very careful driving round France etc. Driving on the right-hand side of the road is quite difficult, Malcolm found. Are you taking your own car or getting one there? If you are getting one over there remember in advance that all the gear bits etc are on the other side from what you are used to. I like the sound of the little B and B. We loved Bruges in Belgium - are you going there? And you know there are two parts to Belgium with two languages and never the twain shall meet?

Love, Mum/Carolyn.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERYN!!!! Hope you have a fab day!!! Sounds like your living it up over there! Great hearing what your up to so keep it up! Best Wishes
Megan =)